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The Bling King

Truck Detailing & Metal Polishing

Bling King Truck Detailing and Metal Polishing is the best truck detailer and metal polisher in Toowoomba / Queensland / Australia with over 10 years trade experience that guarantees a perfect result, every time.

At Bling King Truck Detailing & Metal Polishing we detail and polish just about everything including your kitchen sink! We have been truck detailing & metal polishing  for over 10 years working with the biggest names in the transport & truck sales industries. 

All Car, Truck, Single Vehicles or Fleet Truck Detailing & Metal Polishing Available.  

Other detailing & polishing services include planes, yachts, machinery, motorhomes, camper vans, caravans, buses, boats, bikes, heavy machinery, farming machinery and more.

 We do ALL Alloy and Stainless Steel Metal Polishing. 

We come to you! 

We have a fully equipped and insured mobile detailing and polishing station! 

Servicing Toowoomba and beyond.


Fireball Ceramic Coatings Installer Toowoomba & Darling Downs

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All Fireball Next Generation Coatings have over 90% Glass Ceramic content, making them the most pure coatings on the market. The coatings set via Chemical Reaction which hard-shells with a class leading Hardness, Scratch Resistance, Gloss, Surface Finish and Hydrophobic/Hydrophilic properties, ensuring the best coating possible. This ensures Fireball’s position as the world’s finest and No.1 coatings on the market.

Fireball’s inhouse developed glass ceramic, chemical production and mixing machines produce higher levels of raw materials compared to all other coating brands. Fireball coatings and products are of the highest quality, without compromise. 

All Fireball coatings when applied undergo a chemical reaction that permanently bonds themselves to the paint surfaces, providing higher gloss and water repellency.

Fireball coated cars are to be washed with a pH neutral shampoo with no fillers, polymers, waxes and conditioners, such as Fireball’s Ultimate Car Shampoo. Using shampoos that contain fillers, polymers, waxes and conditioners will degrade the gloss and hydrophobics until those additives have degraded or removed off the paintwork. Your Fireball Certified Detailer can either sell or advise which shampoos that are best to use.

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fireball ceramic coating pricing toowoomba

Above is a guide to minimum recommended coating application prices. Every vehicle when presented to a certified Fireball detailer are in various paintwork conditions, from new vehicles or older vehicles that require paint correction. The prices above include paint preparation but do not include any paint correction required. Each job should be quoted individually.

Our coatings can also be applied to vehicle’s windows for a protective and ultra hydrophobic finish.

Talon is Fireball’s high temperature coating developed for wheels, brake calipers and exhaust tips. Talon can also be used to protect engine parts against porosity and water-spotting on polished parts. Talon is also excellent on vehicle unpainted external plastics. Talon usage varies greatly on the complexity of parts to be coated and should be quoted individually. Ask your Fireball Authorised Coater about Talon on you vehicle’s plastics, wheels, Calipers etc.


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